Politically Incorrect songs Volume 2

by Danny Gee Goju



released May 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Danny Gee Goju Dublin, Ireland

Hi, my name is Danny Gee Goju. My music is for anyone with a good sense of humour who loves catchy tunes. I also write books and practise the martial arts...!!!

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Track Name: The Drug Craze
By Danny Gee Goju

I say Hey! hear what they say!
all about! the new drug craze.
All the kids! are so strung out on dope!
that they’ve lost! any sign of hope.
You can’t really blame them, because they’ve had enough,
There ain’t enough jobs, no sign of love.
How can we tell them, to live within their means,
when their zeal for life has become one bad dream?

The drug craze is just a phase,
that all kids will go through.
So it ain’t no real disgrace,
if it happens to you.
I speak from experience,
it really is a curse.
It won’t solve your problems,
it could only make them worse…Please be careful...

Well at first! it is only pot!
maybe that’s all! you can afford!
But that could! be the beginning!
on the long! road to heroin!
You’ll soon get bored with that and move on to pills,
You may have to steal just to pay your bills.
Friends give you ecstasy to forget the pain,
and when that does not work, welcome to cocaine.

<<Hey Baby, I’ve got some dynamuthafuckin weed here man…
Hey you don’t know what weed is…
Hey man, I got weed, I got charlie, I got muthafuckin ecstasy, I got everything you want.
I got the dead presidents, lets see>>

<<I don’t give a shit, if you all wanna get high,
and I don’t have a right, to tell you what to do.
Just blow your brains out, it’s a quicker way to die,
But you will hurt those around you who do love you.
You will lose your friends, family and your money,
The jails are waiting, if you fall foul of the law.
It’s your decision; it’s not really up to me,
Taking dope is like falling down an open trap door. Silly really>>

<<Aw man, Shut the fuck up!
Hey man, don’t be hollering and chop out a few lines of this shit here man.
You waiting on me? You’d better get up man.
No, no, no, this shit comes straight from Peru man. This is the real shit here.
Hey I’ll tell you that if you line a little. I’ll tell you just where it came from.
Okay just half a line then.
I can tell you which farm it was if you put it out.
Is that right? This is some jazztalian muthafuckin charlie here baby.
Line it right here. Snorts!!!
That’s right! Yeah! Damn! This is good shit man!
Mmm! (Coughs) Hits the back of the throat.
What the fuck was that? Harpic?
Wait a second! Maybe it was Ajax ain’t it?
My lip’s turned blue man. What is this? You’ve given me blue lips. What is this man?>>

<<I can’t tell you to stop, if you really don’t want to.
You know what you want, and you know what to do.
Just remember that, I’ve seen it all before.
It’s not a good idea, to do it any more.
please be careful...>>

From the coke! to crack and speed ball!
and the smack! will capture your soul!
You’ll get tired! of only snorting it!
And you’ll sure, ly shoot the stronger shit!
It won’t take very long, to become a junky,
Nothing-you ever do, will make you happy,
You don’t have to listen, to what we have said,
Which would you prefer, alive and healthy or dead?
Track Name: The Gigolo
By Danny Gee Goju

In the clubs of; New York!...women sit and; they talk!
about the man, they say...is the best if you, can pay.
He’s so tall and; handsome!...he’s so very; well hung!
go ask those who, have tried...they say that they almost died.
He likes to go only with the best girls,
that means only those who can afford...
He’ll take you around the whole sexual world,
Experience you’ve not had before.

He’s the one...the new romeo,
he’s always...ready to go.
He can make…the love juice flow,
He’s the man...the gigolo.

All you girls who think; you’re hot!...come and show what; you’ve got!
there should be no, delay...try and get him for, today.
He’s so very; busy!...don’t come cheap or; easy!
put yourself to, the test...I’m sure you will not, regret.
Nowadays good sex is so hard to get,
that’s why the gigolo’s a must find...
He’ll give you such a thrill you can’t forget,
orgasms that will blow your mind.

{I’m gonna make sweet love...to you all night, long!
I don’t think there’s nothing wrong...if I come on, strong!
Why don’t you girls come put me...right where I be, long!
That’s the reason I’ve come here...singing you this, song!
The more you pay the better I play,
I’ll do what your husband won’t do…
In your bed between your legs,
I’ll go to heaven with you.
I’ll take good care of your body,
You’ll keep coming back for more…
More than enough but don’t fall in love,
I’m service it’s what I’m paid for.
Gigolo’s the name, I ain’t ashamed,
I’ll play the game with any rich dame.
I know the spot, that makes you hot,
Sexpertise is my claim to fame.
I do not smoke, no drink no drug,
My energy is reserved for you.
Horny and frustrated, need a good fuck,
I’ll always be there for you}

The gigolo… The gigolo… The gigolo… The gigolo… The gigolo
Track Name: Whore!
WHORE! © 3.52
By Danny Gee Goju

When I saw her!…walking down the street,
I hadn’t had!…a piece in a while.
Needed something!…to cool down my meat,
So I approached her!…with a smile.

Do you wanna have a drink with me?
“Honey, you know these things cost money.
If you want me to show you a good time,
A hundred bucks should do me just fine.”

She’s just a whore!…Who?…Out for a score!
She’s just a whore!…What?…No respect for the law!

But she’s only doing…what she has to do,
She’s only trying to survive…
She’s no innocent…but don’t pass no judgement,
She could be your sister or your wife.

Well I took her!…and booked ourselves a room,
And we soon stripped!…for some action.
A body and a face!…in a class of its own,
And my manhood!…stood to attention.

She insisted on the money first, (of course!)
So I pulled a bill out of my purse.
Then she checked for any sign of disease,
And her smile told me she was very pleased.

She’s just a whore!…Who?…What you take her for?
She’s just a whore!…What?…Shoulda thrown her out the door!

Well I don’t give a shhh…She’s no hypocrite,
She don’t live her life by lies…
Most girls are the same…they’ll surely play the game,
For the right price…for the right price.

<<Okay Big boy drop ‘em now. There you go darling!
Oh God! Feels good yeah!
Go on! Come on I know you like that. Come on! (slap)
ohh yeah!…ohh yeah!
Come on be a bad boy! Come on be a bad boy! Oohh yessss!!!
Oh God! ohh yeah! ohh yeah! Mmmm!!! Yeah!!!
There you go! Yeah! That’s it baby! That’s right! Ohh baby yeah! Ohh!
That’s it yeah! That feels good! Yeah come on! Mmmm!!! Ohh!!! Yeah!!
Bad boy! I knew you’d like that! I knew you’d like that come on! Come on baby! You can do it!
Yes! Bad Boy! There you go! There you go darling!
Ohh! No! Please don’t! ohhh yeah! Ohhh!!!
Come on! Come on baby! Do it! You can do it! Ohh there you go. Very good boy. That was good!>>

Well she showed me!…all the tricks of her trade,
and I was filled with!…pleasure and pain.
She was well worth!…every cent I paid,
So I asked her!…Can I see you again?

Well I don’t think that you are so bad,
You are the best trick well, that I’ve ever had. (Give us a break!)
You can see me any day, that would be nice,
If you’re prepared, to pay the price.

She’s just a whore!…Who?…What did you expect?
She’s just a whore!…What?…Only good for sex!

Now you don’t know why…She’s in that kind of life,
She may not have anyone who cares…
Nobody’s perfect…But we all need our respect,
So don’t be so damn hard on her.

She’s just a Who?…She’s just a What?…
She’s just a Who?…She’s just a What?…
She’s just a Who?…She’s just a…
<<Now get the hell outa here before I break your fucking neck.
Now get out! Clear off! Clear out! All of you! Fuckin ignoramusus>>
Track Name: Son of a bitch!
SON OF A BITCH! © 4.29
By Danny Gee Goju

Whew, Ha! I think I need a pint after all that!>>

“Hey, What’s the craic?”
“Yeah, I’m alright. Cool as a cucumber”
“Oh Danny…I heard you got arrested again. What was it for this time?”
“You know what, buy me a pint and I’ll tell ya!”

Well it happened not so long ago,
on the streets of London’s Soho,
I was looking for some fun. (You know the usual kind)
“Ahhhgh that sounds like you!”
I searched the strip joints and the bars,
the movie houses and the cars,
but I couldn’t find any one...
Then I saw her! (Where?) On the corner!
I approached her, and said to her.
“Would you like to have, some of my best?”
she turned and said, “You! you’re under arrest!”

Son of a bitch! For soliciting! (Imagine that!)
Son of a bitch! She grabbed hold of my wrist!
Son of a bitch! Nothing I could do about it!
Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! Damn!...Son of a bitch!

“That sounds like fun! Was she sexy?
I love a girl in uniform! Did she have her handcuffs?
Ha ha ha! Woooahhh!!!”
“Very funny!”

Up jumped two coppers dressed in blue,
who said “At last we’ve caught you”,
You must be, the Soho flasher”…
(“Flasher? Me? How absurd!”) (Ha! Ha!)
“You’ve been at it for a long time,
and committed countless crimes,
we’re gonna put you away for ever...”
I was thrown in, into their wagon,
fingerprinted, at the station.
When I said I, don’t deserve this much,
they said, “Son of a bitch, go tell it to the judge”.

Son of a bitch! I’d landed in the shit!
Son of a bitch! Without realising it!
Son of a bitch! I’d put my foot in it! (“You know what I mean?”)
Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! Damn!...Son of a bitch!

“By the way, whose round is it?”
“It’s yours you cheapskate.”
“Whassa matter? Hands too short or pockets too deep?”
“Eight more pints please barman>>

La la la, la la la…la la laa…
La la la, la la la…la la laa…
La la la…la la la
La la la…uh uh uh
La la la…la la la…la la laa…

The next day I was sent to court,
the flasher has at last been caught,
so screamed all the local headlines…
(The Sun, the Mirror, the Guardian, the Express, the Star, the Mail, the Telegraph, the Sport,)
Turning to me said the judge,
“This whole thing’s becoming too much,
I’m going to give you, a hefty fine...”
Innocent but, guilty I was found,
over the peace for, eighteen months bound.
Then he turned and fined me a hundred pounds,
and then said, “Son of a Bitch, you’d better leave town”.

Son of a bitch! There ain’t no justice!
Son of a bitch! For the little fish!
Son of a bitch! I’m black and I’m Irish!
Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! Damn! Son of a bitch!

“Come on all of you. Come on. Get out. Time to go. You’ve had enough lads.
Get out of here! Alright lads, see you tomorrow. Goodnight!”
Track Name: Power of love/lust
By Danny Gee Goju

Do you believe in love at first sight? (What?)
Do you believe in what’s wrong or what’s right?
Hey Baby, I ask you just tell me your name, (Get lost you creep!)
Don’t take me through changes, just cut out the games.
I don’t know why, I’m attracted to you, (oh yeah?)
You’ve blown my mind, with the things that you do.
Give me a smile and help cool this heat, (fuck off!)
Can’t you see I’m shaking here in my feet...?

Power of love, is in my heart, (Power of lust!)
Power of love, that’s tearing me apart. (Power of lust!)
Power of love, making me do things...that I don’t want to do. (Power of lust!)
Power of love, making me feel that…everything is for real. (Power of lust!)
Power of love, making me believe in...I believe in you!

Woaoh!… Woaoh!… Woaoh!… Woaoh!…

I’ve never met a girl, who had no name, (Really)
To me all girls just seemed, to be the same.
But then I, never met one as pretty as you, (How uncool!)
Funny what the power of love can do to you.
My blood’s boiling, my heart is full of fire, (You’re weird!)
Ain’t nothing gonna stop this burning desire.
You and I were meant for each other! (Ha, Ha! How original!)
Just say the word and, I’ll be yours for ever...

Power of love (Power of lust!)...is into me...(I’m sorry for you!)
Oh baby...ccccan’t you see...
I don’t know...just what to do...(you need help!)
Power of love...makes me believe in you.

I believe in you…I believe in you…I believe in ev’rything you do…I believe in you!
I’m obsessed with you!... (get away from me!)
I’m obsessed with you!... (leave me alone!)
I’m obsessed with ev’rything you do! (I’ll call the cops!)
I’m obsessed with you (Heeeelp! Scream!)

Woa oh!…Sing along with me…Woa oh! everybody sing…Woa oh!…
Can’t you see the love I have…for you is so true… Woa oh! liar!
Tell me what to do…Woa oh! Charmer! …to get through to you…
Woa oh! Flatterer!
Everything I do:... Woa oh! Fibber!…You know is for you
…Woa oh!…Sing along with me…Woa oh!…everybody sing!...
Woa oh!…

Police sirens: <<We need back up! We need back up!>>

Hey! What did I do wrong? Come on, Leave me alone! Let me go, let me go!
Track Name: Emotional Strain
By Danny Gee Goju

Hey lady!…I think you’re the greatest thing…happ’ning to me!
How do you!..deal with all the crazy things…men put you through?
Full of bite!…ain’t no messing with you girls…when you’re uptight!
Something’s wrong!…Ev’ry woman I meet is…terribly strong!
So much in control…Relegating men to a mere supporting role.

We men are going through emotional strain
No need to…put us through…the guilt trip again.
We men are going through emotional strain
Hang it out…cut it out…we are in pain.
We men are going through emotional strain
Not so tough…give us love…or we’ll go insane…insane…insane…insane…

Please no more!...We want to be friends with you…we don’t want war!
So sexy!…We will make exquisite love…to your body!
Don’t you know!…without your love we’ve got no…where to go!
It’s a crime! …men and women don’t need to…fight all the time!
Let’s make love not war…Isn’t that what we really came into the world for?

<<Hey lady!…I think you’re the greatest thing…happening to me
…and I’ve fallen in love with…
Your body!…is such a fantastic piece…of artistry
…and I’ve got to tell you that…
I love you!…show me all the lovely things…that you can do
…I am really on your side…
Ain’t no lie!…I wanna make love to you…until I die
…why don’t you give me a chance?>>
Track Name: No niggers here!
By Danny Gee Goju

I walked into a pub but I won’t tell you where,
And I walked right through the door.
I only wanted to take in some beer,
But I was shocked by what I saw.
There was not a single, black face in the place,
They refused to serve me the beer.
When I asked the boss, what the problem was,
he said “We, don’t serve, no niggers here!”

If you’re black, better stay back,
no niggers here!
If you’re white, well you’re all right,
no niggers here!
If you’re brown, stick around,
no niggers here!
Such a shame, same old game,
No niggers here!

Well I did not think that it was very fair,
so I told him about my life.
“I’ve as much right as you to breathe in this country’s air,
and I even have a white wife.
I was born and bred, will stay here till my death,
I’m as human as any one of you.
And if you think, that you won’t serve me my drink,
I’ll have to bring the law on to you”

<<Oi! I’m warning you, get out…NOW!
You know what, you’ve got no right to do this
Oh Yeah? Just watch me!
Oh shit! This isn’t funny! I’m out of here!
I said we don’t want your sort here!>>

He got up and threw me out of his pub,
and put a “closed” sign on the door.
The first cop I saw said it was my tough luck,
but what was I looking for?
“It’s the wrong side of town, for you to be around,
hope I’ve made myself perfectly clear”.
But I’ll never forget, what the bar room boss said,
he said, “We don’t serve, no niggers here”.
Track Name: Wake up America
WAKE UP AMERICA! © (Dublin: 20/01/16)
By Danny Gee Goju

Everything in this world…is geared to the economy.
You’re who you say you are…if you’ve got the money.
The rich prey on the poor…with no respect for the law.
That’s ‘cause they’ve put profits…at the top of their wish-list.
The banks don’t give a damn…whether we live or die.
While corrupt politicians…promise us pie in the sky.
Oh, why?...

Wake up America!…Wake up America!
Things are getting out of hand.
Be careful what you do…the world is watching you.
Don’t bury your…head in the sand.

Rogue nations piling arms…and preaching disarmament.
They take you for suckers and…laugh at your government.
Iraq and Afghanistan…seems to have unleashed the beast.
Terrorists are running riot…all around the Middle East.
Living in constant fear…from the threat of an attack.
It’s become very clear…bring your moral courage back.
Please try…

Wake up America!…Wake up America!
What the hell’s going on?
Not so so long ago…you used to run the show.
Where has all your…leadership gone?

<<You saved all of Europe…from two destructive wars.
You then rebuilt her with your famed Marshall Plan.
A strong beacon of hope…fighting for a just cause.
And everybody wanted to be an American.
The world stood in awe…as you landed on the moon.
You still give so much aid to all the poorest countries.
The respect you had before…is now so out of tune.
That you are being shunned like some horrible disease.>>

Pollution and climate change…the worst could really happen.
Just think of it like this…What of our future children?
They’ll grow up on an earth…that could have been blown to bits.
They will do what they can…with no hope of saving it.
Wake up America…before it is too late.
You know you really are…responsible for our fate.
My my…

Wake up America!…Wake up America!
We still believe in you.
Do what you have to do…be loyal honest and true.
There still so much goodness in you.