No Politricks (special edition)

by Danny Gee Goju



A light-hearted but well-intentioned advice to the British politicians.


By Danny Gee Goju

Politicians today are not okay,
They tell us a bunch of lies.
An honest one yet, I have not met,
They can even promise us the skies.
One of them said, to tighten our belts,
And gave us nothing in return.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer,
While the ghettos, they burn and burn.
Well I’m asking you, so what shall we do?
Something must be done real quick,
If we can’t cure the pain, we’ll all go insane,
Politicians... don’t they make you sick!
Hope they’re listening to what I’m saying,
No more games of blind man’s bluff.
There can be no real denying,
Life is becoming much too tough.

<< In the last ten or twenty odd years,
We’ve been stuck with the same old fears.
Poverty disease and drug education,
Is plaguing this great nation.
Crime unemployment, crippling taxes,
We all know who put us in this mess.
The average man knows their whole game,
You’d think they’d be ashamed.
Fat bank accounts, cash under the table,
Huge corruption and sleaze.
So called untouchables,
Doing as they please.
Don’t they realise that there’s enough,
For everyone of us.
The nation’s wealth could be shared,
Without any big fuss.
Millions are wasted on, useless egoistic projects,
And that is what I call politically incorrect.
If they could only understand,
And treat us all as one.
They would find government,
Would be full of fun.
Wake up all you politicians!
And try to find a solution.
I’m begging you, depending on you,
You’re supposed to know what to do.
This time don’t wear no disguise,
Tell us the truth and no more lies.
Make things better, no messing about,
Or we will vote you out.>>

We don’t want! We don’t want! We don’t want!...No politricks!
They’re just a! They’re just a! …Big bunch of hypocrites.
If more of! The same is! All that we!...hope to expect!
then I say! it’s all po!...litically incorrect.

We don’t want! We don’t want! We don’t want!...No politricks!
They’d better! They’d better!…Get their act together quick!
No one seems! To know who! Is really!…fit to elect!
so I say! It’s all po!…litically incorrect

<<We want Maggie back…to put us on the right track
‘Cause the majority decision brought no real solutions.
Well Maggie has come and Maggie has gone,
Major is no more too..
With Mister Blair…It’s the same old despair
While the others don’t have a clue.
Raising the price on cigarettes and drink,
They believe that no one cares.
We’re not as stupid as they all think,
I say Politicians…you’d better beware.>>

Got to change now it’s never too late,
Do the right thing for your country.
Or you will soon be left to your fate,
Only a fool would disagree with me.
One day the people will come right to you,
demanding their country back.
What the hell are you all gonna do,
in the face of a people’s attack?

<<I think I will just go to my bed,
Make sweet love to my wife.
At least that way I can get some good head,
Sex is the only joy in life>>


released June 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Danny Gee Goju Dublin, Ireland

Hi, my name is Danny Gee Goju. My music is for anyone with a good sense of humour who loves catchy tunes. I also write books and practise the martial arts...!!!

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