Thank you God

by Danny Gee Goju




“Hiya kids!”
“What are you doing?
“Playing a game”
“It’s such beautiful day isn’t it?”

All the lovely trees, and the clear blue sea,
flowers in full bloom, even you and me...
The sun and the moon, night and afternoon,
dark clouds in the sky, it going to rain soon?

Pretty birds, in the sky!, “wow!”
What happens when we, all die!, “we go to heaven!”
All the creatures, big, and small!,
Do you know who made them all?

“Of course we do!…It was Jesus…”
“No, it wasn’t, everyone knows it was God”

Oh, how nice, it is to see.
Oh, how nice, it is to be.
Oh, how nice, it is to sing.
Thank you God, for everything.

Some boys cannot walk, some girls cannot talk,
others cannot hear, some kids live in fear...
Can you swim and dive? can you count to five?
just remember that we’re all lucky to be alive.

Do you have enough to eat? “Yes”
Do you have some clothes to wear? “Yes”
Always there when we’re, in need!,
Thank you God for being there.

“How come we can never see Him?”
“That’s because He’s invisible!”

<<God is here, there, and everywhere,
ever since the very beginning.
One thing that is perfectly clear,
He’s in you, me and every living thing.
You cannot see, you cannot hear,
but don’t make that such a big deal.
With God there is nothing to fear,
Believe it or not He is for real.>>

Loving everyone to the end,
He will always be your friend.
There’s only one thing we should do,
We have to say a big thank you.


released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Danny Gee Goju Dublin, Ireland

Hi, my name is Danny Gee Goju. My music is for anyone with a good sense of humour who loves catchy tunes. I also write books and practise the martial arts...!!!

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